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Florence Kamaitha is  is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2014 and a recipient of the Heroes Award by Nation Media .

She is the founder of Pad Heaven Initiative, an organization that supplies sanitary pads and undergarments to girls in primary schools with an aim of reducing absenteeism from school during their menses.

Pad Heaven is now manufacturing sanitary pads from agricultural by-products (banana fiber). The pads will be affordable and of good quality to ensure every girl can access sanitary pads to stay in school with dignity.

Florence is publishing the first Menstruation Management booklet to be distributed to girls going through puberty that will cover puberty, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and sexuality.

She is also involved in sponsoring bright girls to get into Form 1. So far, she has raised funds to get 3 girls into secondary school, with one being  in Form 3 at Alliance Girls High School.


Round Table with Mrs Michelle Obama



Florence Kamaitha was selected by the First Lady of the United states of America to be among 40 Young African Leaders to be in a task force to discuss the challenges that affect girls as they pursue their education.


The first lady met with the team on 29th July 2014 and deliberated on ways to ensure every girl in Africa gets an education.



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  • Mandela Washington Fellow 2014
  • Heroes Award recipient –Nation Media
  • Member – Alamo City Chamber of Commerce ,San Antonio Texas