Menstrual hygiene book

Menstruation is a taboo subject in Kenya and many girls grow up with limited or inaccurate information about menstruation. Pad Heaven Initiative has published a booklet called ‘Path to womanhood’ that has been developed to help school girls manage menstruation. This booklet covers menstruation, explains what the cycle is, ways of managing the flow, pain management, hygiene and diet.

We are also publishing a booklet for adolescents on sexual and reproductive health, as well as loading this information on a website portal and sms based application to ensure that this information gets to every girl in Kenya.

 Sanitary Pads

Disposable Pads

With the help of USADF (United States African Development Fund) Pad Heaven has developed a prototype of a disposable pad, which is made from agricultural by- products. The pad is being reviewed by the Kenya Bureau of standards, and we hope to start production in June, 2015. The pad will be affordable, good quality, hygienic and biodegradable.

Reusable cloth Pads

1.Advantages of cloth pads
2.They are affordable and can last for up to 2 years
3.They material does not chaff or irritate the skin
4.They are organic thus promoting a clean environment
5.Cloth does not trap swat and moisture without breathing

Mini Industry at Langata Women’s Prison

Working in partnership with Langata Women Prisons, we produce the washable pads through the inmates.We do this to reduce recidivism (re-offence) caused by unemployment. Majority of inmates do not have access to education, exposure and opportunities.

Our mini-industry trains women to make the sanitary pads enabling them to learn a skill and earn an income make an income while still in prison. This enables them to support their families and save money foe use after their release. Faraja washable pads will go a long way to help women and girls be empowered and live life with dignity.



What does a pair of panties mean to a girl? Freedom! Dignity! Respect.
For many girls growing up in the rural areas, many survive with one pair of panties of go for days without. What happens during their periods?
Pad Heaven Initiative wants to change that. Every girl deserves to move around with dignity. Lets protect our girls from shame.
Lets cover them and allow them the freedom to be girls and play like every other person.